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What's Your Story?

Together we will identify

your most compelling content and translate it for the world to see.

We will collaborate to tell your story through words and images across a wide variety of platforms.


Captivating visual and immersive stories that make the complex world of research more approachable to a broader audience

The Arctic Halocline rated top ten VR films of 2023 and featured on MetaQuests TV homepage

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Corporate communication that helps leading brands express their identity and reach their audience in new and exciting ways with transformative stories that build audience engagement and community empowerment. 


Education and public outreach initiatives that build bridges between art, science, industry and technology and advance STEAM engagement with immersive & interactive learning that connects lived experiences of the natural world with climate science research


''All these questions about MOSAiC and climate, and why I do what I do have further facilitated a lot of thinking about what it means to share information and tell stories. I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to do this kind of thinking and story-telling with Amy. Now, after a number of interviews, it's very clear to me that the stories I can tell are created in part by the person I am speaking with; the person asking the questions. I think Amy's questions and process of inquiry made me more mindful of the information, and how to share it. Therefore, my MOSAiC experiences and the narratives I share are intertwined with her insights.'' — Dr. Allison Fong, ECO Team Leader, MOSAiC Expedition

"For this two-month period of the NABOS cruise, Amy became a valued member of our crew. She gained a lot of respect for her dedication, enthusiasm, and, at the same time, respect for the work of other people. Amy’s unique blend and balance between journalistic integrity and aesthetic sensibility and rigor helped contribute to this success. I loved working with Amy, particularly, because she managed to make this process very collaborative.” — Dr. Igor Polyakov, Professor University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Natural Science and Mathematics

"Amy is curious about by the way others connect with the world. She is fast to introduce herself, builds relationships with scientists readily, and is great at asking questions. Amy is an idea person whose motivation for her work comes from enthusiasm about the natural world, the tools she uses, and the possibilities to engage others through her work." — Dr. Laura M. Whitmore, Research Assistant Professor, International Arctic Research Center

"Amy Lauren is the most hard-working person I have ever met. Her expertise in film-making, story-telling and exceptional use of words to frame topics is second to none. I have had the immense luck of collaborating on the Arctic Sea Ice collection we took to NYFW and her curiosity and versatility makes her the best Artists I have ever known. She also displays incredible skills in website creation, graphic design amongst others. I recommend to anyone who is looking at reaching for the stars and create change to collaborate with Amy. She is a star that will steer your ship in the right direction if you are ready to listen. Lastly, Amy Lauren is one of those few people who can translate and articulate any topic into a language that will make sense across society. " — Corentin Daudigny

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Amy Lauren

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