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Working at the nexus between research, education and artistic practice

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Amy Lauren is an award-winning filmmaker/artist working at the nexus between research, education and artistic practice. 

Her work pulls focus on elemental stories of water, earth and air.  Turned-toward immersive storytelling and new modes of documentary experience to facilitate impactful climate science education, Lauren combines the perceptual and epistemic aspects of scientific observation into experiential, documentary and poetic portraits that call for engagement and participation in the natural world.


The goal is authentic outreach motivated by the questions unearthed from the collision of art and science that bridge the gap between lived experience and learned knowledge.


Lauren is a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices MFA program at the University of Colorado Boulder. She collaborates with researchers to translate their groundbreaking work into captivating visual stories that make the complex world of academic research more approachable to a broader audience.  Her broad range of media practices includes animation, media installation, immersive storytelling, and 3D/360° filmmaking for planetarium projection and VR experiences.  Her work has screened internationally at festivals, planetariums, museums and other venues around the world. 


An immersive storytelling SciArt production company that approaches broader impacts as an application of research that underscores and communicates scientific merit to broad audiences   



To deliver the highest quality documentary experiences and unforgettable education & public outreach initiatives 



  • The intrinsic value of art; 

  • Building teams that foster a creative environment of respect, curiosity and playfulness; 

  • Cross-pollination between art, science, industry and technology 



  • Advancing STEAM engagement with immersive learning that builds excitement, curiosity & inclusion;

  • Filling gaps within the broader impacts landscape to reach & engage new sectors of the public;

  • Building bridges between researchers and their local communities;

  • Tracking impact & scholarly publishing;

  • Facilitating and creating a standard of best practices for SciArt collaborations 


  • Collaborating with researchers to translate their groundbreaking work into innovative and unforgettable broader impacts initiatives that make the complex world of research more approachable to a broader audience 

  • Partnering with individuals & companies positioned to convene government, academia & industry; 

  • Leading communication workshops to generate excitement about broader impacts;

  • Developing educational initiatives that connect lived experiences of the natural world with climate science research



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Amy Lauren

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