Amy Lauren is a filmmaker/artist working at the nexus between research, education and artistic practice. 


Her work pulls focus on elemental stories of water, earth and air and combines the perceptual and epistemic aspects of scientific observation into experiential, documentary and poetic portraits. 


Motivated by questions unearthed from the collision of art and science, Lauren asks how new modes of narrative experience can facilitate learning about climate science “that calls for engagement and participation in the natural world rather than disinterested contemplation or an impractical withdrawal from it”.  


Turned toward immersive storytelling as a way to inosculate lived experience and learned knowledge, Lauren works with scientists all over the world creating VR programs that build bridges between researchers and their local communities. The goal is authentic science outreach that cultivates community and shared research and learning experiences.


Lauren is a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices MFA program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her broad range of media practices includes animation, media installation, interactive storytelling, and 3D/360° filmmaking for planetarium projection and VR experiences.  Her work has screened internationally at festivals, planetariums and other venues around the world. 

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